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New changes

Poly will soon have a new domain to make it shorter and easier to remember too. The Poly site will also be updated and new stuff on the github released too. Also new games soon to be finished (a mobile game :)) and a new game also in the works (not a mobile game, but a 3d game with a vr port!).


In my spare time (or just when I find a problem), I like to make applets that do all sorts of things. Usually, they use ffmpeg, but sometimes they'll just be standalone (I really like ffmpeg). I've been making plenty of them over the year, and I've even open sourced one (here)! Also these applets range from it doing one very specific thing to doing a lot of things at once or just having a lot of features, like the time I made a gameboy emulator work in Discord (here!), or the one time I just made a file splitter that just didn't work very well. I plan to release a lot of the source code for my small projects because sometimes it's a pain to make a tiny program that does this one thing that you want it to do, so say if I already made it, you'll know where to find it (in the applets page!).


The Poly site has been redesigned to be a bit better to read plus better in general. Gone are the images of the links and now they are just text. Something that you can read easily. The Poly user links have been removed because they were old in style and hard to use in practice. There were loads of bugs that couldn't be easily patched plus it somehow got more and more buggy overtime. I (poly) made that when I was 12, (and I'm 14 now), and I've learned a lot about how web apps should be made, and I just realised that I just made the website incorrectly from the start. It might be remade, but the answer will come probably next year, as this one is all about development of games.

New Game

Planeagement is all about managing your planes going to other airports and back. Make money based on the popularity of the route and the number of passengers you brought back. Keep up your reputation or else you'll lose that airport permanently. Buy upgrades and more airplanes to manage even more airports. Play in 30 different cities from all around the world, each with unique stats that differs from the others. With 3 challenges per city to make the total number of challenges 90, and a challenge editor, you'll have a great time trying to get the best time on each of the challenges.