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Planeagement is all about managing your planes going to other airports and back. Make money based on the popularity of the route and the number of passengers you brought back. Keep up your reputation or else you'll lose that airport permanently. Buy upgrades and more airplanes to manage even more airports. Play in 30 different cities from all around the world, each with unique stats that differs from the others. With 3 challenges per city to make the total number of challenges 90, and a challenge editor, you'll have a great time trying to get the best time on each of the challenges.


fdphysics is a 2d shooting showdown, where you and another player battle it out to see who is victorious. With physics, lots of it. You can change physics to your liking, like movement speed, gravity, jump height and more. It is free forever to keep on itch. Recommended to be played with 2 people (the "ai" is fairly bad).

CSS Tools

Gradient Maker

Make gradients in css, and then copy and paste the css to make a gradient in your website easy to do. For fun or for work. :) gradient.html

Text Shadow Maker

Make text shadows easier and then paste the auto generated CSS into your website. For fun or for work. :) shadow.html

Other Things

Video In JS

Made a small project that is a video player made completely out of pure JS, no libraries and such. Use this video player right in your browser. Select a file for files under 50MB, or paste the file path for all file size videoinjs.html