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Neat Applets

Some neat applets that I've made over the years. Most of them are for ffmpeg.

ffmpeg Applets

You'll need ffmpeg installed and linked to your path variable in order for these to work. Plus you'll need to build them yourself.

(C++) jump cutter - a better version of carykh's jump cutter that he made a while ago. Uses silence detection and splices rather than per frame detection, plus it's made in C++, so it's much faster overall (about 4.6x!) https://github.com/polyllc/jump-cutter-revamped

(C++) ytdl soundtrack (Uses ytdl! Download it with npm) - a soundtrack splitter that splits the soundtracks from youtube by silence and into separate files. ytdl-soundtrack.cpp

(C++) ytdld (youtube downloader downloader) (Uses ytdl! Download it with npm) - downloads a youtube link and automagically converts it to an mp3. ytdld.cpp

(C++) ffmpeg repeater - repeats any video or audio that ffmpeg supports the amount of times you want. ffmpeg-repeater.cpp

(Node.JS) ytsdl (youtube search downloader) (Uses ytdl-core, simpleyt, sanitize-filename, use npm to download) (Works half the time :( ) - searches a video, downloads it as an mp3. ytsdl.js

Discord Bots

Just some random Discord bots I've made, ranging from cool to neat to nice, they are a neat addition to your server.

(Node.JS) discord gameboy - play gameboy and gameboy color games right in your very own Discord server. https://github.com/polyllc/discord-gameboy

(Node.JS) voting bot - a simple voting bot. poll.js

(Node.JS) auto counter - auto counts in a channel and makes sure everyone is counting correctly counter.js

(Node.JS) log bot - logs an entire server to another, the process of setting up is too complicated, but here we go: type "log bot, s", then "log bot, r {server id}". After 30 seconds or so, restart the bot. Then "log bot, do it {server id}", restart bot. "log bot, c {server id}", restart bot. "log bot, q {server id}", restart bot. Then finally, "log bot, invite me {server id}". To make it start logging, type "log bot, start now {server id}". logbot.js

(Node.JS) nice - nice nice.js